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Puppy Nanny Makayla

We use a Puppy Nanny service called Mak's Flight Nanny! Makayla is an outstanding individual who we completely trust to take your new family member from our home to yours!

See pricing at the bottom of this page

  • "I'd like to introduce myself, I;m Makayla. I started flight nannying in 2020 because i couldn't find any decent priced nannies on this side of the country for my own puppies. I didn't want to send my puppies in cargo because flying can be scary, especially when there's no one to tell you that it's ok! I've flown all over the lower 48 and am working towards being able to take them any place in the world! Ive been in the dog world 100% of the time for the last 15 years. I started as a bather and jumped around a little bit as a trainer, doggy daycare facility manager, boarding facility attendant and finally landed on groomer about 7 years ago. I now work full time for myself! I make my own schedule so i can work around your schedule to bring your pup to you exactly when you need! I am willing to fly any breed to any airport! My facebook page is "Mak's Flight Nanny" if you'd like to see more pictures or info."

  • A $500.00 fee for food and accommodations will be added on top of Makayla's ticket and final purchase price of your puppy.

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