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Dam: Z Empire of wisdom

Z  is an import from Serbia with Czech working bloodlines. Her ancestry is full of working titles for tracking, scent work, traffic safety, people safety, heel on and off leash and hunting. In order for her parents, grandparents etc to receive these titles they had to be environmentally stable, intelligent with good forward drive and mentally capable to handle the pressure of that real world work.

Z is environmentally stable, intelligent and capable. She is currently working on obedience training, tracking and personal protection. She has been Embark tested and is Clear of any genetic diseases. Her PennHip and Elbow results will be available next month! 

Z has an independent nature and has strong nerves. She is food and ball motivated and is always thinking. She is enjoyable to have around when mingling with the family and is always up for any kind of adventure. She is fearless! 

Z does not hold grudges and has a rapid up-take. Z and Zaks puppies will be socially appropriate, strong nerved and solid brained puppies!

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