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About Us/Our Philosophy

We are a small family kennel located in Ammon, Idaho. Our hobby of breeding German Shepherds has become an obsession!

It takes time to research and find quality animals that will not only better our breeding program but will also fit into our family, we are excited to be well on our way in growing this avocation!

At Gold Kennel German Shepherds we believe that the way a puppy comes genetically is the most important part of breeding.  Our goal is to produce puppies that are mentally and physically sound. We do that by choosing dogs that generationally are stable and non-reactive to their environment and have been genetically health tested. We want people to experience the fulfillment that can come with making this magnificent breed a part of their lives. 

By choosing dogs with true working bloodlines there is the opportunity to mold them into any situation. They have brains ready to be built and not brains that need to be fixed. From family dogs to service to K9 capable our German Shepherds give you the capability to own a truly remarkable dog.

 Our biggest priority is securing forever homes for our puppies !!  We want you and your new family member to succeed! We do this by helping you understand the temperament of your puppy to secure the best fit and by encouraging age appropriate training. 

See our "Puppy News" page to read about all the great things your puppy will be doing while in our care!! 


Important Facts/Contact Us

  • Our German Shepherds have been OFA/PENN hip and elbow checked. We embark test all of our dogs and only breed genetically "Clear" dogs.

  • We ship out of Salt Lake City, UT 

  • Shipping information can be found at the top under "Puppy News/Puppy Shipping".

  •  Follow us on Instagram kates_puppies_gkgs. Contact Kate Gold at 720-440-1712 or by email to start your journey into the wonderful and fulfilling world of being a German Shepherd owner! Contact me to get on our waiting list!

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